A World of Possibilities for Better Spend

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A Place Where Intelligent Spend Management Drives a More Productive Reality

It’s the era of digital transformation—a time of disrupt or be disrupted. And that means the rise of new priorities for spend management leaders like yourself, challenging you to help your companies adapt to the tides of change.

Yes. Change has come to the world of spend management—and now is the time to unlock the possibilities that world holds.

Step into the World of Intelligent Spend Management where platform, process, and network come together. In this virtual reality adventure, 10 industry thought leaders share their advice for how you can move beyond the today and into the future of intelligent spend.

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This mode will load faster and is compatible with more devices, but has simpler visuals.

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This version is more visually stunning, but may take up to a minute to load. It’s recommended for users with fast connections and newer devices.


Please be aware of your surroundings before you enter the experience. Check for large bodies of water, open manholes, priceless Ming vases and any other hazards before you begin.

Health & Safety

If you are prone to seizures, please consult your doctor before entering the experience. There are no flashing lights or color patterns in the experience, but it does involve light and motion. By entering the experience, you agree that you’ve taken the necessary precautions and will hold SAP and TopRank Marketing blameless in the event of injury or property damage.